Woocommerce Plugin

This is our official Woocommerce plugin to fetch data from your store. This plugin takes care of all setup needed to get data flowing from your store to engage. This includes batch data ingestion as well as advanced javascript tracking.

How it works

Engage connects to your store using a plugin to implement an event tracker and to open an API connection to your store. The API connection is used to retrieve store data to the Engage platform and the tracker send us event based data from the actions taken in your store.

In Engage, we process your data, clean it and make it ready for use. We then start to build the analytics datasets, the recommendation models, search index, etc. As we complete these tasks the data becomes available in our platform for you to use.

In WooCommerce, the recommendations are served backend using the plugin. You can use short codes to determine exactly where and what to display. If the recommendation call fails, for any reason, the recommendations short code fails silently not showing any error on the page. This is important to ensure a good customer experience.

Sometimes it is handy to serve recommendations using javascript instead. Engage let you serve recommendations via the tracker script on any page that includes the tracker script.

Getting Started


Engage are installed using the plugin for WooCommerce stores. Simply install the latest plugin from the marketplace and provide your Engage API key.

  1. Download and install the plugin from the Wordpress plugin repository

  2. Copy your API key from the Engage platform.

  1. Paste the API key in the WooCommerce Plugin

  1. Follow the on screen instructions to authorize Engage to access your store.

Next step

Head over to features and start to explore all the possibilities you will gain from running with engage.


Deactivate, or uninstall the plugin to stop using our services. If you have a paid plan you wish to cancel you must do so on the Engage platform. Simply login and go to subscriptions to cancel your plan.

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