Google Analytics 4

The Google Global Site Tag Integration push events data to Google Analytics, and to Google Ads if you have enabled Gtag in your Google Ads account. Follow this guide to connect your Google Ads account with Google Analytics:

The GTAG integration works with GA4 (Google Analytics 4) out of the box, and with UA as long as the corresponding events are defined in your Universal Analytics setup. The integration activates the site tag client side, which means it sends the events to google analytics directly from the browser. Much like setting up a Google Analytics tracker yourself, but with predefined events mainly for e-commerce.

Add this destination

  1. Log into your engage account

  2. Go to Data Platform > Integrations and select the Google Analytics (GA4 & UA)

  3. Set the GTAG ID and select the events to be included

    1. GTAG ID (measurement ID) for Google Analytics 4 (G-XXXXXXXXXX)

    2. GTAG ID (tracking ID) for Universal Analytics (UA-XXXXXXX-X)

  4. Track Google Ads conversions by adding a Conversion ID and Conversion Label.

    1. Make sure to include AW- in the Conversation ID

Note, if you would like to send data in parallel to GA4 and UA, the field "UA ID" should be used for the "Tracking ID" (UA) and GTAG for "measurement ID" (GA4). Otherwise only "GTAG ID" should be populated independent of running with GA4 or UA.

Mapped events

The following events are mapped out-of-the-box for you when you activate the Google Global Site Tag integration. All of these events will be available in Google Analytics, and all data in Google Analytics can be used for dynamic ads and remarketing in Google Ads.

Events in EngageGoogle Analytics events

Added to Cart


Order Completed


Product Seen


Checkout Started


Removed From Cart


Order Refunded


Promotion Viewed


Promotion Clicked



Active sources

This destination requires one of the following sources to be active

Get your Measurement ID

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account

  2. Go to Admin > Data Streams and click on the stream

  3. You'll find your Measurement id in top right corner (G-xxxxxxxxxx)

Get your Conversion ID

Follow these steps to get your conversion ID. If you don't have any setup yet, create a new one in step 3.

  1. In your Google Ads account, click Goals in the menu.

  2. Select Summary, which opens to the Conversion Actions table.

  3. Select the name of the conversion that you want to use from the Conversion action column (You cannot use goals that have Google Analytics 4 as source). Or create a new Conversion action.

  4. Expand the tab for Tag setup to view the tag details.

  5. Select Use Google Tag Manager.

  6. Scroll to the code snippet section and look for the Conversion ID.

  7. Get the Conversion ID.

Make sure to set the AW- prefix in the ID when adding it. E.g. AW-123456789

Get your Conversion Label

Continue from the instrucitons above.

  1. On the same page as you found your Conversion ID, just below you will find your Conversion Label.

  2. Get the Conversion Label.

Test implementation of GA4 or UA

  1. Open the following link ->

  2. Add a domain

  3. Browse the store and make sure to perform all the action from which you expect to receive an event.

  4. Evaluate the result by checking all the events that has been collected

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