Personalized landing pages for marketing automation

Automated and personalized landing pages will reduce bounce rate, lift sales and improve conversion rates, which in summary will drive revenue and increase ROAS.

What is it?

Personalized Landing Pages is a solution that helps merchants to automatically turn their product pages into landing pages for ads traffic when visitors arrives from ads networks. The idea to use landing pages for better conversion rates on ads is not new, and most marketers already utilize landing pages in general when running advertisements. But for merchants and store owners it quickly becomes resource draining to maintain landing pages for each product they advertise and to maintain separate shopping feeds and product lists for the ads networks.

Engage solves this by utilizing it's AI-powered product recommendations to automatically transform the product page to a landing page. Essentially, the solution displays additional products carefully selected to improve the likelihood of putting the right product in front of the right customer.

Why you should run your ads with Personalized landing pages

Displaying additional products on a landing page when entering from an ads network have several benefits.

Firstly, it increases the chance of a sale by showing customers other relevant products that they might be interested in, which creates an opportunity for both cross-selling and upselling. By showing related or complementary products, businesses can encourage customers to purchase additional items or upgrade their selection, which can increase the average order value and boost revenue. It's also used to display a variety of products to help increase brand awareness which will build a stronger brand identity and reputation, leading to increased customer loyalty.

Secondly, it helps to create a more engaging user experience by showing customers a wider range of products. This helps to build trust and credibility with the customer, and increase the likelihood of repeat business in the future at the same time as it will reduce bounce rate since visitors are more likely to find something that they like. Hence, spending more time in the store.

Finally, it will help to improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. By showing customers more options, you can increase the chances that the visitor will find something they like, and ultimately convert into a sale. This helps to improve your conversion rates and ROAS, making your advertising campaigns more efficient.

Overall, displaying additional products on a landing page when entering from an ads network helps to increase sales, improve the user experience, reduce bounce rate and enhance the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Type of recommendations

Engage runs on a number of AI models that can be combined and used in combination with other, non-smart, models to design almost any type of product recommendation. For landing pages recommendations we offer the following models,

  • Display products that are similar in context. Our AI selects the products that are relevant, and similar, to each other.

  • Display products that are likely to sell together. Based on customers browsing and purchase history, our AI recommends products that the visitor is likely to buy.

  • Display products that are visually similar. Our AI index your product catalog based on visual similarity and derives the ones that are most similar.

  • Display a set of products derived through logic and rules, and sort them based on what is most likely to sell, did sell most in the past or are most similar.

Measure the impact

Our product recommendation solution utilize our tracking system to capture and measure the effectiveness of the recommendations. See how your models perform and follow the improvements over time. We measure and report on:

  • Generated revenue from recommendations

  • AOV and AOV change when using recommendations

  • Repurchase rate for customers interacting with recommendations

  • Conversion rate for visitors interacting with recommendations

Customize according to your need

The product recommendations can be customized to fit any need. May it be design adjustments, rules, filters or sort order. Most can be achieved out of the box, but we are also always here to help should you require some extra support.


Active sources

This destination requires one of the following sources/plugins to be installed and active,

Or the Javascript Tracker to be active in combination with at least the Product Catalog API or the Google Product Feed but preferable also Order History API.

What's next?

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