Sync audiences

Target the right customer with the right message at the right time.

Keep your audiences up to date

Create granular audiences targeted for specific events or actions and have them automatically updated to maintain a relevant audience for the campaign. The Sync an audience action is designed to effortlessly keep audiences updated at various destinations.

Create a Sync an audience action in three simple steps

  1. Select the audience or segment you wish to sync and select if it should kept in sync or if new members should be appended building an ever growing list of users.

  2. Select the destinations to send the audience to. Note that you need to activate each of the destinations on the integrations page before you can use them in actions.

  3. Decide if the audience should be kept in sync, or only sent once. For most use cases we recommend keeping the audience in sync at all time.

That's it! Save your action and it will automatically start to send the audiences to their destinations.

How it works

Engage actively collect event and user data that is sent to the destinations continuously. Destinations have different requirements on how often an audience can be updated and the update interval varies between 1 to 6 hours. Hence, Engage will at minimum update an audience 4 times during a 24h period.

When destinations receive audiences they use this data to match the visitors with their known visitors in order to improve targeting and customer segmentation on their platforms.


Not all your visitors can be sent to every destination for audiences. Some destinations requires e-mail addresses, while other can utilize an external ID to maintain an audience. Engage automatically filter out visitors to be sent to each destination as the audience is sent based on the requirement of the destination.

Google Ads - Customer Match

An audience (User list) in Google Ads will have the size 0 until it gets larger than 1.000 matched customers. This is good to keep in mind when looking at the user lists in Google Ads.

Google Analytics 4

It takes 24 - 48 hours for Google Analytics to populate a new Custom Dimension after it's been created.

Facebook (Meta)

  • Meta Requires and audience of at least 5.000 users to use the audience in advertisements.

  • The data retention period for external ids are 90 days. So, syncing an audience for longer than 90 days when relying on the external id will drop matches made only on this identifier.



In this action an audience can be either a customer segment or a visitor audience. Select the one you wish to sync.


A destination is simply a third party api or software where we will send the audience. This is most often ad networks such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Make sure to authenticate and activate any destination that you will use in the action.

Keep in sync

This is a simple toggle button to determine if the audience should be kept in sync with the destinations, or if it should send once and then go idle. We recommend to keep the audience in sync.

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