Wikingruppen Plugin

How it works

Engage connects to your store using the standard Wikingruppen API to retrieve current and historical data to the Engage platform. In addition an event tracker is required to gather actions taken by the users in your store. These events are used in analytics and product recommendations to improve the insights and personalization capabilities.

In Engage, we process your data, clean it and make it ready for use. We then start to build the analytics datasets, the recommendation models, search index, etc. As we complete these tasks the data becomes available in our platform for you to use.

Wikingruppen is a Single Page Application (SPA) platform, which requires the implementation of the tracker to be done manually. We have prebuilt a template to capture all the required events out-of-the-box. And often there is no additional work required to get started. Adding custom events will however require manual procedures.

Recommendations are delivered using javascript and are fully customizable.

Getting started


First step is to create an account with us. Then select Wikingruppen as the first source to use and follow the on screen instructions.

Engage is installed by providing an API key for us to use to connect to your store. Then you place the tracker code in the header section of Wikingruppen.

Next step

Head over to features and start to explore all the possibilities you will gain from running with engage.


Deactivate the source in Engage to stop using our services. If you have a paid plan you wish to cancel you must do so on the Engage platform. Simply login and go to subscriptions to cancel your plan. Finally remove the tracker script from your site.

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