Integrations are a fundamental part of Engage that enables our users to send data from various sources to the most critical 3rd party applications that merchants use to succeed with their e-commerce business.


Ingest data from one, or more, sources to feed Engage and any 3rd party destination with the data they need. Using the sources, you can track and collect the data you need to improve your business or internal processes, and to outperform your competitors.

Our most popular sources are Shopify, WooCommorce and Prestashop plugins, that makes it very easy to collect the data you need and make use of the most popular features of Engage.

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Most merchants use multiple 3rd party applications to run and understand their business. Engage makes it easy to connect well structured, clean and consistent data across all applications.

Our most popular destinations are Google Analytics 4 & UA, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Marketing API and Google Ads.

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