Feature Introduction

Spotlight features

Engage offers a variety of features all designed to optimize your store by putting data to work. In this section, the most commonly used features are listed, intended to inspire and kick-start your journey with Engage. The full scope of features are presented below under each specific area, Data Collection, Personalization, Analytics and Data Integration.

Feature collections

Data collection

It all starts with the collection of data. Depending on the source used, tracker (for e-commerce standard events) and API-connection will be configured when installing the plugin/module/app. Using another source, not a problem, all you need is to implement the Javascipt tracker, Order History API and Product Catalog API.
Data Collection Features


Knowing your data is key to a successful business and Engage will support you on this mission. Within this section the continuously growing scope of reports are listed. If you are missing a report, please let us know and we can discuss the possibility to add it to our roadmap.

Data integration

The aim with Engage is to create one central instance for all your data handling. Instead of implementing multiple trackers for data collection and numerous integrations to 3rd party services, Engage will let you activate all your needed destination with a push of a button. At the same time as only one single tracker is being utilized for data collection.
Data integration Features


Increase customer satisfaction and lift your sales using the AI-driven product recommendations from Engage.