Javascript Tracker

This is the core component of engage used to collect information about your visitors and customers, and the actions they take on your website. Collect clean and structured data for use in any integration or service on engage. This source also enables on page product recommendations in your store.

This source is already included in most of the platforms and does not have to be installed separately. Only install this source if you're not using a platform specific plugin, or if you are instructed to install this separately.

Add this source

  1. Log into your Engage account

  2. Go to Data Platform > Integrations and select the Javascript tracker

  3. Follow the instructions here to get started

Next step

Head over to data integration features and start to explore all the possibilities you will gain from running with the JavaScript tracker from Engage.

Order API and Product catalog API is often used in combination with the JavaScript tracker in order to enable all features on the Engage platform.

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