Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Engage! This guide helps you familiarize yourself with Engage, and takes you through the tasks required to get you up and running.

Create an account

First thing first, sign up for an account to get started. When your user account is created, Engage automatically creates a team account for you. The team account is used to manage your sources, destinations and features within Engage. You can also invite other users to the team to collaborate with you.

Engage can be explored in full using our 30 Days Free Trial.

Add a source

Engage runs on data. To start using Engage you need to add one or more sources that send data to Engage. The vast majority of our customers uses the JavaScript tracker, which is fully customizable, to get data flowing into Engage.

For Ecommerce clients the quickest way to get started is to use one of the prebuilt plugins to get a pre-packaged setup in place, but you may of course use any of the available sources and APIs to get started.

Add a source:

  1. Go to Data Platform > Integrations

  2. Select the All sources tab

  3. Click the source you want to use and follow the instructions

We recommend using one of the e-commerce platform plugins if applicable.

Read more about the available sources here.

Explore the features

As you've connected your site and have data pouring into Engage you may start to explore the features of Engage. If you've setup a plugin source, or any of the other sources that provide the required data, you will soon be able to view our analytics reports, use our product recommendations and segment customers and visitors.

If you are uncertain of what features your source unlocks, you may either check the documentation for the source, or the requirements section of the feature you wish to use.

Below are some of our most popular features.

Data Collection Features
Data Integration Features
Ecommerce solution

Add a destination

A destination is often a third party application or tool that consume data to provide some kind of business value to you. Our most frequently added destinations are Analytics, and Advertising destinations.

Add a destination:

  1. Go to Data Platform > Integrations

  2. Select the All destinations tab

  3. Click the destination you want to use and follow the instructions

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