Engage Documentation

Learn how to use Engage to collect data and use it to improve your store operations, marketing and third party tools.

What is Engage?

Engage is a Growth Platform for E-commerce stores that uses data for personalization, improved operations and insights. Using Engage, a merchant gets all the tools required to drastically enhance the results of everything from Conversion Rate and ROAS to automation and reduced manual labor.
The Platform is divided into four main areas, Data Collection, Personalization, Analytics and Data Integration, all designed to help our clients get closer in becoming a data driven organization. Even though there is a lot of different features within each area to select from, clients can pick and chose features that fulfills their needs, always having the knowledge that Engage has more to offer when their is a new demand.

How can Engage help you?

Streamline your data collection

Collect your data once, and use it for marketing, analytics, personalization and much more.


Let your data work for you. Use product recommendations, automated customer audiences and insights to personalize every touch point with your customers.

Know your customers

Gain insights and more knowledge about your customers. Use it to improve store operations, marketing and customer support.

Start sending data to Engage

Data can be ingested to Engage in many ways using our API. But most stat with one of the plugins available for the major e-commerce platforms, or our easy-to-use javascript tracker.
Check out the available sources here.