Event Tracking

All event tracking is done using an async javascript code snippet that gathers the information and push it to our servers where it is stored for you. The tracker is built to never interfere with your sites performance or functionality. It will fail silently in the event something would go wrong and it will queue up messages when it's not able to send them right away.

Note on Data Privacy

For certain events, such as the order completion event, we de-identify the personal information as soon as it arrives to our servers using Googles enterprise grade Data Loss Prevention-solution. You can read more about the Google Data Loss Prevention here, but in a nut shell it encrypts the data rendering it non-readable and non-identifiable.


The setup is pretty straight forward. To initialize the tracker, add the following code to your page header.
/* Initiate the tracker */
<script type="text/javascript">const TRACKER_KEY="[ADD YOUR TRACKER KEY]";window.zlt_queue||(window.zlt_queue=[]),window.zlt_queue2||(window.zlt_queue2=[]),window.zlt=function(){},window.zlt.rec=function(u,w){w={p:u,d:w};window.zlt_queue2.push(w)},zlt.track=function(u,w){var n={};n[u]=w,window.zlt_queue.push(n)};</script>
<script async src=""></script>
All done! Now you can start tracking events using the zlt.track(); function. You may specify custom events for tracking, but we recommend that you get started with the ones described in this section first.

Standard events

(R) = Recommended

Prepare for product recommendations

The following two events are required in order to run product recommendations.