Shopify Plugin


This is our official Shopify plugin to fetch data from your store. This plugin takes care of all setup needed to get data flowing from your store to engage. This includes batch data ingestion as well as advanced javascript tracking.

Add this source

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    Download and install the plugin from the Shopify app store


Product recommendations

Place a recommendation block on the store front

In order to display product recommendations on the store front, a small code snippet needs to be placed in the theme code of the store. The code snippet is displayed when you click deploy on the recommendation block.
Deploy a recommendation block
Copy the code snippet
Retrieve the code snippet
Insert the code into your template at the position you would like the recommendations to be displayed. Go to Online Store -> Themes
Then click Actions and Edit code
Open the code editor of the theme
Select the template you would like to update
Open the template file you would like to update
Add the code snippet at the position where you would like it to be displayed.
Example of placing the recommendation block on the top of the page
Click preview to make sure that everything looks good before saving. Then Save.
Preview and save your block


The following events are defined out-of-the-box for you when you activate the Shopify plugin.
Order Completed
Page Viewed
Product Viewed

Extended events

In addition to the standard events you may extend the tracking with below events (these events are automatically tracked when adding the performance version below):
Additional events
Added To Cart
Removed From Cart
Cart Viewed
Product Seen
Products Searched

Custom events

You may track additional or custom events in your store by adding the corresponding zlt.track(); javascript function on your website.
/* Example of a custom event */
zlt.track('My Custom Event', {
param_one: 'Some value',
param_two: 123

Performance version

The Shopify product recommendations load times can be improved with two simple steps:
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    Create a liquid file called zubi-script-app.liquid in to the snippets section in Shopify
  2. 2.
    Copy the below script into the newly created zubi-script-app.liquid file.
  3. 3.
    On the first line of the body element in theme.liquid add: {% render 'zubi-script-app' %}

Liquid file

The liquid file is available inside the Shopify plugin.