Facebook Marketing API

The Facebook Marketing API lets Engage communicate and send data to Facebook (Meta). Use it to send custom audiences that are frequently updated to be as efficient and useful as possible.

The Marketing API allows you to build target Custom Audiences from customer, or visitor, information collected by Engage. This has become increasingly important as third party data collection has been, and will continue to be, heavily restricted across most browsers.

Use your own data to improve your marketing and target the correct audience with the right message. Engage keeps your audiences up to date to enable marketers to serve more relevant ads. For example, you may want to target customers that recently made a purchase with one specific ad, and then with a different one when that customer has re-visited your store. You can build out audiences that follows your customer journey and serve ads to them based on where in the journey they currently resides. And when they perform an action Engage will automatically move them to another audience.

Add this destination

  1. Log into your Engage account

  2. Go to Data Platform > Integrations and select the Facebook Marketing API

  3. Set your Facebook Ad Account ID and click Authenticate.


Active sources

This destination requires one of the following sources to be active

Facebook Ad Account ID

  1. Log into your Facebook (Meta) Ads Manager account

  2. Head to the dashboard where you will find the account id

Start using the Marketing API

When the Facebook Marketing API destination is enabled in Engage, the first thing to do is to create an Audience (based on visitors) or a segment (based on customers) in Engage. Follow the guide below to get started with dynamic audiences using the Marketing API.

Creation of, or changes to, a Custom Audiences don't happen immediately on Facebook and usually take up to 24 hours to complete.

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