Platform specific installation

This guide will walk you through installing and setting up Engage using a specific platform such as Shopify or Woocommerce. This is the fastest way to get started with Engage, the installation is typically completed within 15-30 minutes.

Before you begin

To follow this tutorial you need to have an account with us, and your Engage API key. If you haven't already, complete the following steps before you begin.

  1. Create an Engage account

  2. Log in and find your API key at the top of the dashboard

To run the recommended setup on Engage, you need the following three data sources:

  1. Event data

  2. Product data

  3. Order data

Luckily, all these are included in platform plugins provided by Engage. Select your platform below.

This is our official AbiCart plugin to fetch data from your store. This plugin takes care of all setup needed to get data flowing from your store to Engage.

  • Go to Data Platform > Integrations

  • Select the All sources tab

  • Click the AbiCart Plugin and follow the instructions

Learn more

  • Read about setting up the plugin here.

Add a destination

It's time to setup your first destination! In this tutorial we will walk you through setting up a basic Google Analytics 4 destination. You can read more about the destination here, but this tutorial have you covered on the basics below.

You'll need the measurement id from Google Analytics. Log into Google Analytics 4, and go to your data sources to find your measurement id (starting with "G-").

Add the destination:

  1. Go to Data Platform > Integrations

  2. Select the All destinations tab

  3. Click the Google Analytics (GA4 & UA) source

  4. Provide your measurement id in the GTAG ID field

  5. Leave everything else as is for this basic setup

That's it! You are setup and data is flowing to Engage, and on to the destination you've setup. Now you can explore the features of Engage, and additional destinations to use.

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