Product Catalog API


Share your product catalog to enable services that requires up to date product information. The product catalog is required for services like product recommendations and product analytics.

Add this source

  1. Log into your engage account

  2. Click "Add sources" on the home page and select the Product Category API

  3. Follow the instructions to get started

Use this source

Once activated, you may start to send products to us. The endpoint accept single products or batches of maximum 250 products at a time. Check the API Reference for specifics and code examples in most languages.

Example call

curl --location --request POST ''
--header 'Authorization: Bearer [ADD YOUR USER TOKEN HERE]' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'
--data-raw '{
"currency": "USD",
"image": "",
"link": "",
"product_id": 20200101,
"name": "My new product",
"price": 29.99,